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“One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals.” - Wayne Pacell, HSUS - IS THIS WHAT WE REALLY WANT? THIS IS THEIR AGENDA!

Think about the above quote when you go to an airport and see a dog checking for incendiary devices or contraband. Think about this when you see a dog leading a visually impaired person. Think about this as you watch a disabled person being aided by a service dog. Think about this as you see a police canine. Think about this as our troops are overseas depending on the better senses of their canine partners. Think about this when you see dogs driving birds off airport runways. Think of this as you see a dog guarding flocks from predators. Think of this as you go to choose a puppy for your family and discover you cannot get that breed you so diligently researched.  So many animals we work with are carefully bred, carefully health tested, carefully maintained to perform the jobs we need them to.  Think of the ultimate agenda of these Animal Rights groups and then think how devastating their agenda will be to you or someone you know.

For more information on how the animal rights movement will affect every aspect of pet ownership and working with animals, please visit the following websites. Links open new windows.


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